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Overview of Medicare.

Whether you are you enrolling in Medicare for the first time or you are already enrolled, our Medicare page can be a useful resource to you. 

Medicare ABCDs.

By now you know that Medicare is the government-run healthcare program for folks over 65.  It has some hard rules and dates, especially when it comes to enrollment. Yet it also has some flexibility and choice. Balancing the two requires navigating what many of your peers feel is a maze of regulations and choices. It’s OK, we can help.  Let’s start with some basics: 

Please Note: We are not licensed or able to advise you on Medicare claim strategies.  It is our hope that the content on this page provides you with basic information and direction.  For specific advice to your specific situation speak with a local Geriatric Care Manager. They would know a specialist local to your state and area that could help you decide which Medicare companies and plans to consider.

The ABCDs of Medicare

Part of Medicare

What’s Covered


Original Medicare (CMS*)

Partial Coverage For:

Inpatient Hospital Stay
Skilled Nursing Care
Home Care


Original Medicare (CMS*)

Partial Coverage For:

Doctor Visits
Lab Tests
Medical Equipment
Preventive Exams


Private Insurers & Health Plans

Similar to Parts A & B with predictable out-of-pocket costs and more coverage.

Fully Covers:                     |    Partially Covers:

Wellness Services                 Eye glasses   
Vision Exams.                        Hearing Aisd
Hearing Exams


Private Insurers & Health Plans

Prescription Drugs

Helps with costs of prescription drugs not covered by Original Medicare. Covers some Prescription Drugs.

Simple right?

An entire book can detail each of the ABCDs! So take a deep breath and let’s talk about where you can find some helpful details. In the meantime, as a start, download the Official 2020 U.S. Government Medicare Handbook, “Medicare & You”, below. It’s 120 pages. So make sure your ebook reader is ready! 

As you research, be sure to visit our Medigap and Medicaid pages (don’t forget our Blog & Podcasts because the devil is in the details and every penny matters!).  Create a “Basics” binder or folder on your computer. Our advice: keep this binder or folder small. There, keep just the basics. Because it is easy to be overwhelmed with so much out there. With the basics in one spot, you can have a clear and organized Medicare mind. 

Please send me useful information on Medicare now and from time to time.

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