Veteran's Aid and Attendance Benefit.

A Benefit to Serve Our Veterans Who Served Us.

What is the Veteran Aid & Attendance Benefit?

The Veteran Aid & Attendance Benefit pension provides benefits that can reduce the cost of care for Veterans, their spouses, and their widows. This benefit can help pay for long-term care at a senior living community that provides assisted with the Activities of Daily Living (“ADLs”) or for some home care.  Applying for the benefit can get complicated. Income and asset limits do apply.  Firms that specialize in navigating the requirements are available to help you with the application.  From experience, we highly recommend you use a knowledgeable VA Accredited professional to help you.

It can often take many months to receive it. While you wait, many families in your situation take advantage of our bridge loan to pay for housing and care for your Veteran until the benefits arrive.


Surviving Spouse Monthly


Veteran No Dependents Monthly


Veteran One Dependent Monthly


Veteran Married to a Veteran. Monthly

Who can qualify?

  1. Are you a Veteran 65 or Older or 100% disabled?
  2. Did you serve at least 90 days of active military duty?
  3. Was at least one of those days during a period of war?
  4. Did you receive an Honorable Medical, or General, discharge?
  5. Do you meet the income and asset eligibility requirements?

Allow us to connect you to Veteran experts.

The Veteran Aid & Attendance Benefit is little known and not well understood.  There are numerous firms across the country that provide guidance on whether you can qualify and how.  Some firms are legitimate. Some offer to help you for free while behind the scenes pitch this or that annuity or product they want you to buy.

The most legitimate way to receive help is by contacting folks that have no agenda and tell you up front how they get paid. One such organization we frequently refer families to, is Patriot Angels.  We would be happy to refer you to Patriot Angels or you can feel free to visit their website here at

We are glad to make this referral and do not ever take any referral fees for referring our veterans to helpful resources. It is our honor and our pleasure.  Be sure to let them know the folks at Second Act suggested you speak with them.  If you learn you are eligible for the benefit for a move to senior living, we will be here with Home Equity Bridge Financing at your fingertips to pay for your or your loved one’s housing and care, until the benefit arrives.

The Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit

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