Life Settlements for Senior Living.

Your Life Insurance is an asset that can be sold.

It could be used to pay for housing and care.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Many people do not know what Long-Term Care Insurance is, or that it even exists. Thus, if you are caring for a loved one it is especially important you ask them if they signed up for such a policy many years ago.  Sometimes, even the folks with the best of memories forget about having signed up and paid for, such a policy.  Long-Term Care Insurance usually can cover a maximum daily amount for housing and care of a senior living resident who needs assistance with a certain minimum set of Activities of Daily Living.  Be sure to check this box when evaluating what you may have at your disposal to cover costs that include degrees of care in an Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Nursing Home, setting.

Life Insurance. Sometimes it can be used for Senior Living.

Second Act Financial Services can connect you to knowledgeable professionals that can help you evaluate whether selling your life insurance policy or converting it to a long-term care payment benefit, is the right decision for you.

A life insurance policy is legally recognized as an asset with personal property ownership rights. Seniors, in particular, are most at risk of lapse or surrender their life insurance policies. If you have long-term care or senior living needs, selling, or exchanging your life insurance benefits for a long-term care benefit may be the answer. This kind of transaction is typically referred to as a “Life Settlement.”

If you have a life insurance policy you know longer need before your let it lapse, or if it has been less than 365 days since you stopped paying your premiums, give us a call. We can connect you to licensed professionals that can evaluate if you can put your life insurance to work for you.

Life Settlements

The Ins and Outs of Selling a Policy.

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