Golden Girls Living.

Longer lives.  Longer friendships!

Golden Girls Living.  It’s about friends supporting friends!

The Golden Girls! Four friends. Living together, sharing their day to day, supporting each other. Splitting the rent. Helping fulfill each other’s lives! Enjoying full lives, sharing the good days with the bad days.  The “Golden Girls”  was one of the most successful shows on television because it was a wonderful example of supportive friendships as four friends got older.  “Golden Girls” living is a growing phenomenon for both men and women. It is quickly expanding across America because it is a smart and efficient way to enjoy retirement!

Why do friendships, community, roommates, help our well being?

Living longer begins to spring an “We are in this together” approach.  Whether you are single or a couple, sharing a home or an apartment can offer countless social, health, and financial benefits.  Friendships and community are a foundation of a satisfactory daily life.  So grab a few friends! Find a new home or apartment. And as you do, whether you need a mortgage or ways to save, we are here, ready to be of service to all of you!


Pros of coming together and living with friends.

  1. First, watch a few shows of the Golden Girls! 🙂
  2. Sharing costs keep expenses for everyone down!
  3. Social stimulation keeps your brain active, healthy, and happy.
  4. It’s always helpful to have a friend you can run things by.
  5. Exercising with others is a lot easier! Go for a jog with your roommates!
  6. Who doesn’t enjoy sharing a meal or a drink with friends!

Cons of living with friends.

  1. Well, you are living together every day. Make sure you like each other! 
  2. Sharing space may take some getting used to!
  3. Privacy is a little trickier. Everyone will need to agree to ground rules.
  4. Sharing expenses is great as long as everyone contributes their part!

Grow your story, together.

Please send me your guide to group living.

Saving When Sharing Space.

Segment your accounts.
Keep cleaner records.

When you are living together it is important to keep track – and separate – what your expenses are and what expenses are related to your sharing arrangement. Having separate checking and savings accounts could help.

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