Retirement Rightsizing.

Strengthening the Next Chapter in Your Life, Together.

Rightsizing for a Stronger Retirement.

Rightsizing, downsizing, staying put with a few tweaks to the house and life.  Change can take many a form.   Our rightsizing guidance is meant to be a helpful head start in the next chapter of your life.  If we could give you one piece of advice, it would be to remember these three words:




In that order.  Because you know from experience that costs can add up without a vetted, carefully thought out plan.  Even if you are in a rush, taking an hour to just sit, catch your breath, think about your goals without distractions, can turn into a vital and most useful part in the next chapter of your life.


What do you want out of this next chapter in your life? Home, friendships, finances, worship, health, activity.  All those are things you need to consider.



Will you be able to make this change all alone?  Or will you receive help from family or professionals?  What will each professional cost?  Organize their duties, haggle and force them to stick to a budget.  So your plan stays on track.


With your plan and budget in place, you now can act.  With the confidence that you know what you are doing, where you are going, and why.  Monitor all the professionals helping you so they stay on budget.  Enjoy the next chapter in your life!

Stay put? Cottage in a small town? Urban Condo?

How much room do you need now? For you. Your partner. Your family visitors!

What is driving this change? Money? Friendships? Closer to family?

Is this decision for the long-term or the short-term?

Nickels and Dimes add up. Who will be helping you? What will they cost?

Whether you stay or move, review your cost of living and all thing taxes.

Download our helpful Rightsizing Guide below.

The highlights above are meant to simply orient you. A general compass of things to think about and serve as the start of your research. Today it is easy to locate and read up on relevant information. Take advantage of our guide with its information and checklists below in a useful PDF booklet.  Print and have it around. Jot notes from time to time as you think ahead.  Talk to friends. And when you are ready for the next chapter in your story, we will be here to make your story, stronger.

Guide to Retirement Rightsizing

Your money. Your retirement.

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