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If you have identified a retirement community you want to move into now and want time to sell your existing home, our specially tailored Second Act Home Equity Line of Credit Bridge Loan program may be your solution. Obtain the cash you need to fund the fees of your chosen retirement community today:

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).

Leverage the equity in your primary home to obtain the cash you need.

Fund the fees in your chosen retirement community.

Close on your retirement community unit with peace of mind knowing you have cash in hand.

Breathing room and time to list and sell your home and wait for the highest possible price.

Once your home sells, pay off your bridge loan with your home sale proceeds!

And if you need help selling your existing home our Real Estate Solutions team is available to help!

My retirement community had a waiting list.  I needed to pay my Entrance Fee at a moment’s notice. Second Act’s Home Equity Bridge Loan program was tailor-made for me.  I was approved fast and had financing in hand.  The folks at Second Act made me happy because they understand.

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