Geriatric Care Managers

Helping older adults age with dignity. Helping the family helpers.

We can’t emphasize this enough: Get to know a Geriatric Care Manager!

Geriatric Care Managers, also known as Aging Life Care professionals, can be a priceless guide to your efforts and plans of caring for an older loved one. These professionals are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the aging process, the needs of older adults as they age, crisis intervention especially when a loved one has a sudden health incident, and a connector almost always local and in many cases, across the miles.

If you don’t know what to do or where to start, call a Geriatric Care Manager in the area where your loved one resides who is in need of care. The National Association of Geriatric Care Managers is now known as the ALCA, Aging Life Care Association. The Association provides a directory and links to its professional members which we provide below.

Why hire an Aging Life Care Professional / Geriatric Care Manager?

According to the Association, the assistance provided by these amazing professionals is generally organized into the following eight categories. Before we list these categories, we want to share one very important point: Life does come full circle.

Remember when you were little and you didn’t listen to mom and dad? Or mom and dad had to go through hoops to get you to do what you felt needed to be done? Well here sometimes, it can be payback time! And when your parents or loved ones don’t want to listen to you, you may be surprised to see they will listen to the exact same advice – when it comes from an Aging Life Care professional:


1.  Health and Disability issues. Crisis intervention and swift planning when a loved one has a health emergency.

2.  Financial. Oversee basic bill pay. Connect you to Daily Money Managers, CPAs, and other professionals.

3.  Housing. They know more about the local senior living communities than you can imagine and can steer you to the better options in your area.

4.  Local Resources. Whether it’s meals on wheels, a ride here or there, or other local resources and socialization options, Aging Life Care Professionals can be your local link and local connection, especially if you are caring for a loved one from afar.

5.  Legal. An Aging Life Care professional can connect you to Elder Law Attorneys, Trust, and Estate Planners, and professionals that can quickly assist you with Power of Attorney needs.

6.  Crisis Intervention.  Families have often told us that an Aging Life Care Professional can do in two hours, what it would have taken them three weeks to figure out on their own. If there is a crisis with an older family member, we cannot emphasize enough: find and call one of these professionals right away. In most cases, you’ll be incredibly relieved and glad you did.

7.  Family Coordination. When caring for an older family member, oftentimes multiple adult children or relatives may be volunteering their goodwill and their time. Having a planning coordinator and leader can serve as an anchor to everyone’s action items. Aging Life Care professionals can serve that role to keep everyone in better spirits.

8.  Advocacy. Finally, if you are having an issue with a loved one in a senior living community or a nursing home, or having other issues with home care services, an Aging Life Care Professional can be a knowledgeable, calm, and rational advocate. They can evaluate what is happening with a clear and unbiased perspective. And put together a course of action to address your grievances and other needs.


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