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Senior Living Bridge Loan Solutions.

A great short-term solution, a Second Act Home Equity Line of Credit can help you fund your Entrance Fee or month-to-month costs at the retirement community of your choice!

Bridge Loan Benefits:

  1. You gain breathing room and time to sell your home on your own terms.
  2. You can pay for senior housing now, while you wait for benefits to arrive.
  3. Many communities may offer their own promotions that could help offset financing costs.
  4. Because this is a Home Equity Line of Credit bridge loan, the interest and fees may be tax deductible. We suggest you check with your local tax advisor or CPA!

Choose Between Two Home Equity Line Options to Help You Bridge Your Move


 I want to finance my Entrance Fee

for my move into my Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) or Life Plan Community


I want to finance my monthly rent

for my move into my community that simply charges monthly rent plus a deposit equal to one-month’s rent.

Payment Options for Retirement Living

Many communities may cover some or all of your interest and fees. Be sure to ask about their incentives!
Because this is a Home Equity Line of Credit bridge loan, the interest and fees may be tax deductible.

I Need:

My Monthly Payment is:


With a one-time Origination Fee of 1.99%

Terms shown are for illustrative purposes only.  Accuracy is not guaranteed and it should not be relied upon as a commitment to lend.  Please see our Terms and Disclosures page for additional details. 

Call or Apply Online today. If you are approved:

1.   For Entry Fee or Life Plan Communities:

        • We coordinate with you to wire your entire Entry Fee loan amount due a few days prior to your move-in date.

2.   If your move is to a community that charges monthly rent:

      1. You are approved for an overall Line of Credit amount.
      2. Each month you borrow only what you need.
      3. Funds are wired directly to your senior living community of choice each month.

3.    Low interest-only monthly payments:

        • Each month up to sixty (60) months, you make low interest-only payments until you have sold your home, at which point repayment of your Home Equity Line of Credit would be due.  After sixty (60) months, if you have not sold your home yet, payments consisting of principal and interest, would continue for an additional maximum of three hundred (300) months.

        • Note: We find that most folks typically sell their home much sooner (6 – 18 months) than the maximum years available on their Home Equity Line of Credit bridge loan term!  But if for some reason you need more time than most folks, as you can see, our program can provide a generous amount of breathing room and time to help you transition.

Paying for Senior Living

We can wire your funds to twelve thousand communities in the USA.

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