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Payment Options for Senior Living

Welcome seniors and families of Assisted Living Locators Advisors. From Bridge Financing and Veteran Benefits, to Home Sale Solutions, Long-Term Care Insurance claims assistance or the sale of your Life Insurance policy for cash, help is available. 

You are of course free to use any resources best for you. The professionals at Assisted Living Locators have teamed up with Second Act Financial Services and their various partners for your convenience should you feel it is the best option for you.  Scroll below to learn about the resources most important to you.  We help families pay for senior living because we know and understand.

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Bridge Loan Solutions

Veteran Benefit Solutions

Home Sale Solutions

Insurance Solutions

Second Act’s Home Equity Line of Credit for Senior Living or Personal Loan can act as a tailor-made bridge loan, enabling you to pay for your senior living needs now, giving you financial flexibility and time to prepare and sell your home for the best price or as you await the arrival of benefits.

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Bridge Financing Benefits:

1.  You gain breathing room and time to sell your home on your own terms.

2.  It is easier to stage, show and sell your home for the best price if you are not living in it.

3.  You make smaller, more affordable interest-only monthly payments on what you draw from your Home Equity Line of Credit bridge loan to pay for your housing or care. 

Unsecured Personal Loan Bridge Financing Benefits

1.  Move now and borrow the expected Veteran Aid & Attendance monthly benefit amount to cover the gap in senior housing and care.

2.  Make smaller interest-only payments on what you borrow.

3. Gain financial flexibility and time until your Veteran Benefits Arrive.  Available only at participating communities. Please inquire for details.

Veteran Benefit Bridge Loan

Helping you make the move today.

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What is the Veteran Aid & Attendance Benefit?

The Veteran Aid & Attendance Benefit pension provides benefits that can help veterans, their spouses or widows, to pay for long-term care at a senior living community which provides assistance with the Activities of Daily Living (“ADLs”).  Applying for the benefit can get complicated. Income and asset limits do apply.  Firms that specialize in navigating the requirements are available to help you with the application.  From experience, we highly recommend you use a knowledgeable VA Accredited professional to help you. Your Community Expert can connect you to a knowledgeable professional that can help you determine your eligibility and assist you with your application if eligible.


Surviving Spouse Monthly


Veteran No Dependents Monthly


Veteran One Dependent Monthly


Veteran Married to a Veteran. Monthly

Who Can Qualify?

1. Are you a Veteran 65 or older, or 100% disabled?

2. Did you serve at least 90 days of active military duty?

3.  Was at least one of those days during a period of war?

4. Did you receive an Honorable Medical, or General, discharge?

5. Do you meet the income and asset eligibility requirements?


Connect to help.

Assisted Living Locators works with Patriot Angels, a firm that specializes in helping families and seniors understand the benefit.  For a free initial consultation on whether you or your loved one may qualify for this wonderful benefit, book an appointment with Patriot Angels below.  You are of course free to use any resource best for you.  Patriot Angels is simply referenced because they are nationally known and trusted for helping families with understanding their claim options. Below, you can book an appointment directly with Patriot Angels for a no-cost initial consultation or call Patriot Angels directly now at (844) 757-3047. 

Home Sale Solutions

If you would like a little help with the logistics of selling your home, our Community professionals have relationships with local real estate agents who can be ready to help you. From preparing to list your home through the ultimate sale, and just about every step in-between, all you have to do is ask your Community professional and you will be connected to helpful local resources and agents that can do the heavy lifting for you.

Make an Appointment to Speak with Second Act’s Real Estate Solutions team.

Please note real estate services are a separated entity outside our bank. 

Sale of Your Life Insurance Policy for Cash.

We often obtain a life insurance policy when we are still working, so if the unexpected happens, spouses or children still at home aren’t saddled with existing mortgages or other obligations.  But as your circumstances evolve, you may no longer need or wan to continue paying the premiums on your policy.  As you explore your senior living options, your life insurance policy may be an asset you can sell for cash.  You may be able to choose either an all cash benefit, a retained death benefit, or a combination of the two.

If you have a life insurance policy and you would like to explore selling it for cash, Assisted Living Locators works with Lisa Rehburg, Rehburg Life Insurance Settlements.  You can reach Lisa at (714) 349-7981, by email at Lrehburg@aol.com, or on her website at www.rehburglifesettlements.com

Insurance: Long-Term Care Insurance Claims Assistance

Many people do not know what Long-Term Care Insurance is, or that it even exists. If you are caring for a loved one it is especially important you ask them if they signed up for such a policy many years ago.  Long-Term Care Insurance usually can cover a maximum daily amount for housing and care of a senior living resident who needs assistance with a certain minimum set of Activities of Daily Living.  Be sure to check this box when evaluating what financial resources you may have at your disposal to cover costs that include degrees of care in an Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Nursing Home, setting.  Second Act can direct you to long-term care insurance experts you can receive helpful guidance on your policies as you prepare to move to our community. To learn more, make an appointment below.

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